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there's a lot of good music that's coming out these days and I feel a bit overwhelmed. New deathcab, new sufjan, new kendrick all need to be listened to and digested. 

on the music front, we've been writing the next album really really hard. It feels like good, honest, hard work that is being put into this process and I can't wait to share some of the songs that's come out with the guys. we're now looking for producers and hoping to record in the next month or two. 

in the meantime, I've been pleasantly surprised by this band called The Sidekicks. phil ek did these guys well. band of horses second coming?

also got the opportunity to mix Mike Whang's new LP which should be coming out soon. aside from music, a couple vids here and there to keep the juices flowing, including this sweet tune from Ryan Yoo. 


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this track screams. 

makes me want to wiggly dance with a mean mug

but for real, great song, great lyrics, great record. 

good recap of the record: 

also, this.

and this.

Miranda Sings

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Miranda Sings is a youtube personality that I absolutely adore. I first came across this video a few months and guffawed so hard.

My first thoughts like everyone else of course was, "is this girl for real?" On the surface I understand that this humor can come across annoying but I knew there was something deeper. If she was for real, I came away with a good laugh and that's that. But if it was an act, I thought it was brilliant because it was satirizing America's obsession with terrible viral videos (ie rebecca black). How could you not like these killer dance moves? I didn't care to explore further if this was all a big gag or not.. more on this later.

Fast forward to the present. I'm a big fan of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I'd been loosely following this new season and liked the Kevin Hart episode this season started off with. Click to crackle.com to find if there were any new episodes, and bam, Miranda Sings, on Comedians with Jerry. What!?

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I liked this show because Jerry had on great talent as guests on his show. Typically, legends or comedians at the top of their game. But Miranda? The episode was a bit painful to watch because Jerry seems uncomfortable and the episode seems to move slowly. You can't help but wonder if this is all some big gag. But, you get to a certain point, maybe about 12 minutes in, where the episode breaks as Miranda's character does not. The gag is apparent and in hindsight, the episode is brilliant. 

By the end of the episode, the gag is up, and the person playing Miranda, Colleen Ballinger gives a candid snippet of herself to Jerry and the audience of what it's like to be Miranda. Immediately I google Miranda and find the real person who plays her: an actress and comedian who attended Azusa Pacific University, working hard touring the country with her Miranda bit. Brilliant.

Clicking through to her YouTube channel, PsychoSoprano, the first video I find is her appearing as a guest on.... Jimmy Fallon!?  

This strikes me hard. Miranda is invited out by Jerry Seinfeld essentially to be introduced to mainstream America. She is introduced to mainstream America with the full support and badge of approval of no one other than the king of comedy, Jerry Seinfeld. This is poignant because a YouTuber has finally earned the credibility to crossover to the mainstream, not as just some user uploaded content, but as a television and entertainment replacement. 

I love this on many levels.
- Jerry is a smart guy and I love that he perceives that this may be the future of entertainment. Scrolling through the comments section on Comedians, you see an overwhelming amount of support from younger fans. Jerry gets this.

- Jimmy Fallon is a smart guy because he is connecting with a younger demographic, the 16-23 year olds that absolutely adore Miranda. You can literally hear the younger audience members screaming for Miranda over Seinfeld.
- I love that so many people are so confused and annoyed at Miranda's character. I love that people think she's a talentless YouTube hack when in fact she's just poking fun at the personalities that exist in our culture today. When juxtaposed to real stars, you can't help but feel that these celebrities take themselves too seriously. When people hate, it almost feels like you are in the know and no one else gets it, only leaving you to root for Miranda harder. 

All in all, brilliant. Love it. I'm a fan.