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What a year! Putting this together, I couldn't help but notice how blessed I am to partake and witness such a huge day in so many different people's lives. I can't help but feel the raw emotion looking through these videos. This year has taken me to places far and wide, from NYC, all the way through Napa Valley, and out to Hawaii. 

Goodbye 2013.. and on to the next one! (this song be stuck in my head)

Alan + Wendy, Saratoga

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Got a chance to swing by Santa Cruz on the way up this beautiful wedding in Saratoga (Montalvo Arts Center) to get some delicious coffee at Verve and an acai bowl from cafe brasil. Acai bowls doe.. ya gots to try one when you get the chance. It's basically crushed and frozen acai as your base (like a yogurt), strawberries, bananas, granola, and either honey or peanut butter. Verve was absolutely beautiful as expected, but so was this wedding.

Coldplay - Reign of Love
Joy Williams - What Can I Do (But Love You)