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What a year! Putting this together, I couldn't help but notice how blessed I am to partake and witness such a huge day in so many different people's lives. I can't help but feel the raw emotion looking through these videos. This year has taken me to places far and wide, from NYC, all the way through Napa Valley, and out to Hawaii. 

Goodbye 2013.. and on to the next one! (this song be stuck in my head)


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November 2013. This has to have been one of the roughest stretches in my life. Not in the video: car towed, car accident, parking ticket, losing $4k worth of camera gear, emotional turmoil, friends getting into accidents, friends' family health scares.

November 2013, part of a long-term project beginning in August of this year.
Aug and Sep vimeo.com/75871965
Oct vimeo.com/78321934

A snippet of every single day. Life is crazy. The ordinary and mundane fleeting moments fly by only to be lost in a flurry of cloudy consciousness. It's beautiful when you take a step back and breathe.

All footage shot with the iPhone 5s.

Bread. by Copa Vida

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They make their bread every. single. day. A batch of bread takes a full day to make. Chef Erick Lee gets in around 7:30am every day to start and the bread comes out of the oven around 4pm. Every day. Love their commitment to quality. And it most definitely shows in taste. 


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I've been doing this project for three months now and looking back, it's quite amazing how much happens in such little time. The every day hustle and bustle; the mundane and boring; the joy and laughter; loneliness. This is life, without a soundtrack. It has been difficult reminding myself to film every day, but lezdoitt