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as of 10/18


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as of 10/13



t[w]o 365

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two miles a day, to 365

two miles a day, to 365


The year had just turned 2013 and we were still awake in the wee hours of the night. Alex briefly mentioned he wanted to run 365 miles this year, one mile for every day. I remember not thinking much of it as I was too occupied enjoying a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme. I quickly thought mileage wasn't too impressive but the goal was admirable.

           "One mile a day doesn't sound like too much..
            [huge chomp into half the donut]
            .7 miles a week, 30 miles a month. Not too hard."
            [savor donut, lose train of thought]



In a phrase, this year would be titled "Growing Pains": lots of discomfort and pain, but foundational and important building blocks.. a year of finding out what you're really made of as a person - how you're good in certain areas but totally suck in others - and learning that you can't continue acting like gdamn child anymore. In a word, "anxiety" would twittertrend towards the top. I don't think I've said the word "sorry" more in a year than this one. I don't think I've dropped the S-bomb in the short span of a week than I have in my entire life.

It has been a year of intense victory and intense failure. Some major life events this year include:

  • being forced to move out from our house after 16 years
  • quitting my job at Western Asset
  • losing $5,000 camera gear
  • recording an album with Phil Ek
  • RRN getting featured on the Wall Street Journal, NPR, KPCC, and PBS
  • playing shows with Noah and the Whale and Jason Mraz
  • watching the family car being impounded because we couldn't make any more payments

There has been much heartache, sacrifice, tears, anxieties, failures, correction, and brokenness have this year but accompanying these have been His grace and His mercy. I know and see that He is near and that this is what it takes to get through to my stubborn skull ("no matter what it takes, Lord").


I'm learning that the victories and accomplishments in life really don't mean much. They are like badges on a boy scout uniform. It's fun to celebrate and remember, but they don't make the man. Getting written about in the Wall Street Journal was cool, but who cares when your friends' families are going through health scares, car accidents, and your dad has left to work in Korea to support his children and your mom can't afford health treatment for her carpal tunnel, rendering her unable to play piano for church after 35 years? How good are you to your family? To your mom? To your friends? Would they show up at your wedding? At your funeral?

For me, juggling two full-time jobs and a music career might amount to some financial freedom and awesome experiences, but it left no time for others in my life. I've sucked as a friend, son, and boyfriend (thanks Michelle for the title). I continually hurt those closest to me and I suck at taking criticism and taking shots from others. I'm a fraud, and I know I've sucked the life out of others. I am mortified to see the person staring back at me in the mirror. I'm sorry. 


Throughout all of this, I've found a sanctuary and a safe place in running. This wasn't a "marathon" year so overall milage has been on the light side, but I was reminded that Alex was goin for 365. I quickly added up my miles this for the year and found that I had about 80 miles to go with about a month and a half remaining for the year. I decided to go after this goal. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.58.15 AM.png

The initial thought when Alex mentioned this goal at the beginning of the year was kaput. I totally missed the point: Steadiness is what this is after. Running a mile a day for a week is pretty easy, but extrapolate that out to a year, different story. Running a mile a day for the entire YEAR IS UNBELIEVABLY hard - serious props Alex. Steadiness is not flashy or fun. In fact, many times it's boring. It isn't shiny and the rewards look dull. But, I'm slowly learning that this is the long, narrow road that is less traveled. This is what I want. Running 365m won't make me a better man, but it's a start.



Christmas Eve Halfie

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Christmas Eve 2012. Half Marathon? I haven't run a long distance on a while, it had just rained in the morning, and I had the afternoon free. Was greeted with an awesome surprise of deer on the run, near Sesnon and Balboa. Did you know there are deer in Los Angeles? What? Nevertheless, that moment was beautiful. The grass is as vibrant as ever after a shower, and it was pleasant to see in the valley, which is predominantly poo brown in color 95% of the year.

  I feel like I think best when I run. Essentially you're thinking about nothing, but then in that "emptiness" there's clarity and I find myself deep in thought. I love it. There's also this genuine sense of peace, calm, and happiness after you're spent on a long run. Lastly, there's nothing like soaking in a hot bath after a long run. Ddae mee ruh.

Thinking about LA Marathon again. I just don't know if I have it in me to train though. Anyone wanna join?.. Team Riceboyrun?... Merry Christmas alllllllllllllll


Disneyland and John

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My take on The Sartorialist. Was shooting Emily's wedding but John walked by and being Captain Obvious I yelled "Whoa this is like the sartorialist!" So here goes.

Below is a picture of what a typical day at Disneyland looks like. You'd be surprised to see how many miles you actually walk and how many calories you burn on an average day. You'd be one fit person if you went to Disneyland every day..


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[embed] http://vimeo.com/32956731 [/embed]
  Sandra Oh is a true professional. Very polite, pleasant, and dang funny. It was crazy how this all came together so quickly. In the matter of literally hours, riceboycook SarahChang and fniSteve came up with the premise of a script, which was developed in a full script by a writer for Lost, which was then scored by Greg Gordon Smith, which was then shot in 30min on a studio lot with Sandra Oh. Serious props to Grace and Susan if you're reading this.

On a side note, it was super windy but managed to sneak in five-ish miles.

Woke up at 6am to find this. I was so jealous.


Home Alone

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8.3 miles, 7m36s mile.

As a kid, one of the most significant memories of Christmas I had was watching Home Alone 1 and 2 (NOT 3) with my brother and cousins. To movie, that movie IS Christmas. I managed to get my hands on some blu-ray copies. Does anyone up for  a Home Alone marathon/party?

If you think about it, Joe Pesci in a children's movie... such classic movies in Casino, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas. Here's something to think about. He starred in the first Home Alone right after Goodfellas wrapped.

Run: Minimus Road


On Sunday I was taking a shower .. aside: is it just me or do you have some of your most profound thoughts while in the shower, actually the bathroom in general.. end aside.. and I realized that this blog isn't really a blog. It's a "blog" in the sense that I put my photos and videos and other works up, but it's not a blog in the sense where I just simply straight up write. About life. There's quite a bit that goes on aside from photos and videos and such, so why not share that as well? Not sure how this will be received but what they hay, more for you to read, albeit hopefully entertaining. Earlier this year I was sitting randomly and without thinking, uttered the words, "I'm going to run the LA marathon". I felt so convinced I was going to. I didn't know this would require daily training, multiple runs of multiple miles for multiple weeks. Pain. It was tough, but coming out of it, I can confidently say that it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Alex and Sarah: you don't know how much it means you guys were there. Anyway, after finishing the marathon, I enjoyed it so much that I kept running. I've even made it a goal to try and run the Boston Marathon, which is a race you actually have to qualify for. I'm pretty far from qualifying, but I know slowly but surely it'll happen.

Jump back to a couple weeks before the LA marathon. My good friend Charles from the band Feats in Inches, shared this video:


Just, wow right? I really enjoyed the video on so many levels. First of all, I wanted the shoes just because that dude looks so badass. Secondly, the video looked awesome from an editing and shooting perspective. Thirdly, marketing through telling stories is genius. It grabs your attention. It worked on me. And, yes, count it, SIX people at church (charles,joe,jimmy,whan,daniel,daniel-me,grace). HAHA

Anyway, I finished the LA marathon with those shoes. I don't know if you noticed, but those shoes are specifically designed as TRAIL RUNNERS. Implications: great for feeling the ground on trails, but completely pointless for road running. This means no cushion for long runs, which means, lots of ouchies on my knees and toes. But yeah, I still bought them. And used them. I actually used them a lot, and I'm gonna venture to say I logged at least 700 miles with them. They've been with me all around the San Fernando Valley and I also got the opportunity to run with them in San Francisco, Alameda, Oakland, New York, and Yosemite just off the top of my head. I loved those shoes. I felt they made my feet and legs stronger.

Unfortunately, they weren't designed for the road and they weren't designed to last that long. But I refused to switch shoes. I finally conceded when I was running down Reseda and stepped on a spiky ball seed from a tree, puncturing my shoe and stabbing my foot underneath. I needed a new shoe. THIS BRINGS US TO YESTERDAY..

After a nice lunch at Brat's Bros (poor man's Wurstkuche in the valley on Ventura), I convinced the guys to head to Fleet Feet. I was ready to drop $150 for some overpriced cushiony shoes. I really didn't want to get cushiony supported shoes for the life of me, because I REALLY do believe in the minimal running phenomenon and how not only does it make you stronger, but the mid heel striking does prevent injuries in the long run. But, I was ready.

We get there and see shoes being sold for $20 a piece. Better yet, 2 for $30 and 3 for $40. Even better yet, they're MINIMUSes ROADS! Alex, Charles and Susan didn't even need shoes but we all ended up getting them for the awesome price of.......$13 each. MSRP $100. Black Friday shopping done right: no lines, 90% off.


Got to go on a run with them today, and they feel great. Definitely lots more support than the Minimus Trail but not too much where it feels like you're running on clouds and not a load to run in. Today, ran 8.7 miles at a pace of 7:40/min. IF you're feeling super special and super stalkerish, you can follow my runs here: http://runkeeper.com/user/247714548/profile. It's a pretty awesome site and I actually get inspired to run looking at other people's runs; hopefully has the same effect on you.

Be on the look out for more random blog posts! daniel