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I stumbled across something that excites me a couple weeks ago in Go Exposure, a web-design based company focused on photo journaling. I absolutely love when programmers push to offer something different to the web when it comes to web design and function >> see Squarespace, VSCO, theVerge, Bowtruss, and many many more. Exposure is currently invite only, hand-picked by the creators, but fortunately I was able to come across one. 

Not only did I do a little dance when I got an invite, but my spread on Copa Vida got featured as well! Check it out and be sure to check out other people's work on Exposure.. so good.


Dan and Stacy

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/ The first time I heard of Dan and Stacy was from friends swooning about how awesome their engagement video was. I was shocked at how many views it got, and by the end of it, I thought, "Dang that was good." / The first time I heard from Dan and Stacy was through a friendly email they sent over, where we chatted about Run River North and a little about photos and videos. / The first time I met Dan and Stacy at a show RRN was playing in New York. They were even more awesome than I thought they'd be based off my "research", also known as facebook stalking and re-watching their engagement video many times. / The first time I saw Stacy and Dan embrace each other, I thought, "Damn, these two really love each other." / I wish nothing but the best for you guys. Take care and let's grab some food in NY!

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Hello, Chicago. For years, I've wanted to visit Chicago. I think my interest began after randomly reading about Chicago's food scene in magazines, eater blogs and the like. I also began to notice several Top Chef contestants AND winners starting restaurants there. My interest really picked up when this delightful video came my way (oink). Disclaimer: this video is as food porn as it gets.

  Thankfully, Run River North had the opportunity to play at a show put on by Google in Chicago. Score. The doughnuts were great, but the city and it's people (yes you Drew and Shea) were even better.

Chicago on iPhone

A couple highlights: - It's cold in Chicago. Like 24-30 degrees cold. - Yes, there WAS a line of around 60 people before opening. I ate three doughnuts like a fat - buttermilk, vanilla, and apricot jelly - The Millennium Bean sculpture was way cooler than I thought it would be - Intelligentsia never tasted better (got the Ethiopian). I'm not too fond of their coffee out in LA but Sam mentioned since Intelli started in Chicago, that's probably where they care the most about their coffee, not some satellite all the way in Old Town - There's a neighborhood called River North - This place called Hot Chocolate had the best hot chocolate - Google/YouTube blew my mind with their hospitality and accommodation. For example, a storm came and canceled my flight back to Los Angeles. With a snap of a finger, they booked a new flight and a private car to get me to the airport that same night. Not to mention booking monsters five individual king size bedrooms at the Westin and limo service. blegh why?/(but awesome.)

Chicago, I can't wait to come back in warmer times.