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this track screams. 

makes me want to wiggly dance with a mean mug

but for real, great song, great lyrics, great record. 

good recap of the record: 

also, this.

and this.


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Some summer jams for ya. The ever talented Mark Redito has been hustling for years now (electronic meets outdoors) and finally getting the credit that's well deserved. While "Desire" put him on the buzz map, "Promise" seeks to give him that wider, breakthrough success. Pitchfork giving him an impressive 7.7 rating on this EP, can't wait to see what awaits him. 

"Promise is a small introduction to Spazzkid, but one that highlights the project’s two strongest aspects—Redito’s directness and the lush music that makes him one of the most promising artists out of L.A. at the moment." 
- Pitchfork


89.3 KPCC

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KPCC did a nice little feature on RRN ahead of our last show at the Hotel Cafe. A. Martinez (for all you Laker fans out there, he hosts the post-game shows after every game on Lakersline) conducted the interview.. you guessed it.. in the back of a Honda.

The interview runs around 10 minutes, as Alex and I discuss the stories behind the songs on our album. KPCC graciously snuck in snippets of four songs from the album if ya listen through!