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November 2013. This has to have been one of the roughest stretches in my life. Not in the video: car towed, car accident, parking ticket, losing $4k worth of camera gear, emotional turmoil, friends getting into accidents, friends' family health scares.

November 2013, part of a long-term project beginning in August of this year.
Aug and Sep vimeo.com/75871965
Oct vimeo.com/78321934

A snippet of every single day. Life is crazy. The ordinary and mundane fleeting moments fly by only to be lost in a flurry of cloudy consciousness. It's beautiful when you take a step back and breathe.

All footage shot with the iPhone 5s.


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I've been doing this project for three months now and looking back, it's quite amazing how much happens in such little time. The every day hustle and bustle; the mundane and boring; the joy and laughter; loneliness. This is life, without a soundtrack. It has been difficult reminding myself to film every day, but lezdoitt

Aug and Sep 2013

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A snippet of every single day. This is a long term project I'm going to keep up for as long as I can. Life is crazy. The ordinary and mundane fleeting moments fly by only to be lost in a flurry of cloudy consciousness. It's beautiful when you take a step back and breathe. 

- fartsy Daniel

+ lots and lots of rehearsals
+ Sep 9: Cowboy Rocky is the best
+ Sep 15: Shot a wedding on the 14th, then departed from the Bay area at 1:30AM
+ Sep 20: Steven Tyler!
+ Sep 24: My go-to order is double meat, no cheese, whole grilled onions, raw onions, add mustard
+ dat iPhone image stabilization and quality doe (after the 26th)
+ Sep 29: $10,000 lens (not mine)
+ Sep 30: Copa got its Spirit! 

Steven Tyler...

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Yesterday, Steven Tyler started the audience clap while we performed "Fight to Keep" at the Sunset Marquis. 'Twas a normal day, another show, another warm-up session, another prayer before the set, and another "it's morphin' time" before going on stage. Then Joe noticed Steven Tyler in the crowd. Insert stalker photo..


"He's here!?"
"He's probably here for the other band and will leave after"
"I don't wanna close my eyessss (wail)"
"Sweeeeeeet Emoooooootionnnnnnnnnnn"

After Foxbeard, Joe saw Steven impressed and quickly told Jen. Jen continued looking towards his direction as Fight to Keep started. I went over to Jen to give her a heads up on a violin part for the acoustic set, she didn't hear a word I said as she was too busy staring at Steven as he clapped. After the set, the crowd graciously asked for an encore and we finished the night with Mr. Brightside. End set. walk into green room. Then this..

He graciously offered selfies with Jen and Joe and offered kind words and advice. I tried to take a picture of him discreetly. I was so smooth.. I put the phone on vibrate, opened up the camera app, then took a picture. The flash went off and Joe looked over and said "...what are you doin?.." Steven looked at me and smiled.

*ASS* stamp on my life

It was refreshing hearing encouragement filled with expletives.. it kinda seems more genuine I suppose. He told us stories about life on the road and encouraged us to continue working, keep getting tighter til it's effortless.

"Yall got somethin magical.. I saw it tonight".
*cue american idol music.

jen copy


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My life in a nutshell in the month of August, year 2013. I thought it would be interesting to take a short snippet every single day for the month of August. Hopefully this will become a year-long project. Lots of flying, rehearsal, and page turns. Shot on my breaking-down iPhone 4s.

NYC | Summer

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New York City is such a busy and bustling place, filled with life, vigor, and ambition. However, sometimes this is easily confused with New Yorkers having the reputation of being rough, cold, and very to-the-point. Michelle and I thought it would be fun to paint a different picture by highlighting one color that stood out in a sea of muted colors, blacks and greys. It turns out the more we looked, the more we found, and what we found was something that altogether told a completely different story.

I'm a big believer that constraints encourages both creativity and focus. Rather than being restrictive, shooting only on the iPhone and only yellow enhanced creativity and excitement. We started to notice just how colorful people dressed, and with that, how many smiles that filled the warm summer air. The audio was recorded live in Washington Square Park, played by this awesome New Orleans Jazz Band that brought smiles to so many faces. The old man dressed in yellow checkers on the left created quite a scene.

I encourage you try this out! It would be to get a collective of these of different colors in different cities.

Wintertime in NY

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It snowed (hard) in Central Park. It made me so happy on the inside.


Really cool art exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory called

The Event of a Thread

. There were pigeons, history of the world being read over radio walkies, humongous swings, and a huge white drape connected to those swings. It all sounds a bit random and it is a bit odd at first, but after a little while you soon realize this subtle feeling of joy, the inner child inside of everyone scratching to get out. Old couples on smiling like children on swings, being pushed by little children. Huge drapes being all flowy and floppy. You get this unique, unreplicable "event" of a thread.


ABC Kitchen

felt like the inside of an anthropologie that served food. with that said, it was beautiful and the food was outstanding. see below: eggs benedict (flying pigs farm ham), pizza (mushrooms parmesean oregano and farm egg), and


(akaushi beef, herbed mayo, pickled jalapenos). Put a


on it!


To me, the sign of a good restaurant is if you'd be more than willing to come back. I'd be more than willing to come back - a well deserved James Beard Award for best new restaurant.

lower man
lower man

brooklyn bridge and view of lower manhattan from the bridge


Christmas Eve Halfie

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Christmas Eve 2012. Half Marathon? I haven't run a long distance on a while, it had just rained in the morning, and I had the afternoon free. Was greeted with an awesome surprise of deer on the run, near Sesnon and Balboa. Did you know there are deer in Los Angeles? What? Nevertheless, that moment was beautiful. The grass is as vibrant as ever after a shower, and it was pleasant to see in the valley, which is predominantly poo brown in color 95% of the year.

  I feel like I think best when I run. Essentially you're thinking about nothing, but then in that "emptiness" there's clarity and I find myself deep in thought. I love it. There's also this genuine sense of peace, calm, and happiness after you're spent on a long run. Lastly, there's nothing like soaking in a hot bath after a long run. Ddae mee ruh.

Thinking about LA Marathon again. I just don't know if I have it in me to train though. Anyone wanna join?.. Team Riceboyrun?... Merry Christmas alllllllllllllll