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A Good Day - eddie & eunice

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  Today was a day full of love, friends, family, laughter, and root beer floats - a good day. Eunice and Eddie wanted to meet up to "have dinner". Little did Eunice know that Eddie and had been planning to propose, let alone her friends and fam was waiting decorating all day at Float (Pasadena) to celebrate their engagement. Congrats you two.

Thanks for the feature 100layercake!

Locations Float floatpasadena.com

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Grant & Kim

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  On the 20th of July, 2012, Grant flew down from Vancouver to propose to Kim. After eight years of dating, most of it long-distance, today was the day. Kim had no idea Grant was doing this. While Kim went out for dinner, Grant stormed into Kim's apartment and started setting up a series of notes and memories from their eight years, leading to a treasure map, which led to Grant waiting for her.

Congratulations Grant and Kim

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Ted and Cat's Engagement Video

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This is the (terribly untrue) story of Cat and Ted. Two star-crossed lovers must make the decision of their lives. No, not really.

Ted had always wanted to be in a Korean drama.. and what better opportunity to do it for your wedding? The whole idea, story, and shoot was done in a day. Ted and Cathy couldn't have been any more fun and I just loved the idea of doing this as an engagement video. Congrats guys.


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Jina, David, iron-will/masterclimber Joe, along with Taek of Taek Photography went up to Santa Barbara for Jina and David's engagement shoot. There were some unreal locations and we got to witness what I think was the best sunset I've ever seen.

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