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Self Promotion Sucks

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The Necessities of Self Promotion and the Douchedom Associated With It 

It's a very tricky game navigating the very thin line of self promotion vs. no promotion, and the barrage of a mind game that comes with the territory. 

No one wants to be that guy bombing their entire social network, beating their chest, claiming their most recent achievement or accolade. That's annoying and arrogant. However, I've been that guy so many times and have found it impossible to share your work without venturing into that territory. 

"Hello World! Check out my perfectly average work that I think is absolutely necessary you should know about". 

That's what's blaring loud inside my head whenever I lift the covers off some of my work and share it.

Let's get one thing straight.

Good work does not require any self promotion. Like work that is actually good. 

Unfortunately, 99% of us don't produce good work. Damn.
So how do you walk this line?

Personally, I've had a good portion of work come my way through such shameless promotion. I'm constantly having a battle in my mind when posting for Run River North and dchae, not wanting to annoy people but wanting so badly to connect. Oddly, I don't think a lot of my work would be done without doing so. It irks me inside to do so, but I do feel it's necessary. 

I suppose my hope is that it means something to someone, even just a little. Hopefully one person inspired to create more and in turn use the gifts you were given more, glorify more.

Also, I think it is absolutely necessary to share your work and all of its imperfections and mediocrity. It forces you to refine your craft. I sincerely believe putting yourself out there is more than half the battle.

Perhaps the key lies in involving your audience and making them feel part of the conversation, rather than making them feel they are a victim of your most recent sales pitch. 

Any thoughts on this? Want to add to this? 
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Bread. by Copa Vida

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They make their bread every. single. day. A batch of bread takes a full day to make. Chef Erick Lee gets in around 7:30am every day to start and the bread comes out of the oven around 4pm. Every day. Love their commitment to quality. And it most definitely shows in taste.